Stay Heavy has as objective show the real dimension of Heavy Metal's public and the force of this musical gender in Brazil and in the hole world.
It is a TV show that approaches the events that involve Heavy Metal, disclosing and presenting novelties and national and international attractions.
It's a segmented TV show, based on objective information and structured in a mixed pattern of journalism and musical show. Stay Heavy centers its focus in the professional work of who carries out some activity related with the world of Heavy Metal.


Stay Heavy has its structure based on videoclipes presentation, bands playing live in the studio, reports of national and international events and news. In all the editions of the TV show people whose activities are related Heavy Metal are interviewed.
People can make their questions and remarks live using the "chat" and sending e-mail.
That facilitates that the public participates and contribute in the conduction of the TV show and have the opportunity to be in direct contact with its idol.


Stay Heavy dedicates space to report of great events, and it has as example the reports made in Germany for seven followed years (2003 to 2009) in the largest and more traditional Metal festival of the world: Wacken Open Air, when complete reports were accomplished, showing scenes of the shows, details of what happens in the backstages, behavior and the public's reactions and presenting interviews with the main bands of that majestic event.


The TV show is produced and presented by: VINICIUS NEVES and CINTIA DINIZ, people with knowledge and existence in the communication area and specialists in Heavy Metal.

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